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Date Posted: Fri, Nov 24 2023

The Name Song (Zion)

             Nashville Music Medics Celebrate Tennessee Crossroads Broadcast


The Nashville Music Medics celebrated their epic broadcast on Tennessee Crossroads on November 16th with a Watch Party of Medics, their families and many of their friends, hosted by Bill and Robyn Munn. This wonderful opportunity was the culmination of four years of ups and downs, COVID, and a myriad of trials, and something we never would have considered when we started in January of 2019.  There were smiles, tears, and an overall feeling of love for each other and what we have accomplished.


       Of course, there was no lack of food and     beverage to help keep the good times flowing, and being singers, well, you guessed it, a few songs were also sung. (Un)fortunately, no Dad Jokes were told, since everyone had already heard them. During the evening, our texts were buzzing, and our emails busy with congratulatory wishes of how much our friends enjoyed the show. 

And then there is the “thanks” that must be given to our wonderful friend and the person that made this all possible for us, Miranda Cohen, The Tennessee Crossroads producer. You and your TEAM made us look great and so very proud of what we so love. Since Miranda was unable to join us, she asked for pictures of the party be shared with her. Pictures she gets !! We’ll be sure to send along our compilation for posting and media pages.


Below is a short list of some of the best wishes greetings that were sent our way:

Good individual interviews, great singing, good video and audio recording, but especially the purposes of the Music Medics were emphasized and communicated well. (Too bad Joes intro had yall as doctors.)
Good segment Doc

Dr. Stan Peppenhorst -

I caught the TN Crossroads piece on you guys. Very cool.

Keep spreading your joy and kindness/

Chuck Kranitzky

November 16, 7:15pm   (the segment ended at 7:08pm)
Hey Sam, How you doing? My name is Brian xxxxx. I just saw your story about your group and Tennessee Crossroads. And I was interested in seeing if I could volunteer and sing with you guys. Maybe give me a try out. Myphone number 615-xxx-xxxx. Again, the name is Brian b r i a n and I was in high school musicals and several productions of several different musicals and sang Also in the Penn State ClubMen's Choir group when I was in college. I live in Nashville have since 1996 and I'd love to see if I can help out and the volunteer, too. Thank you very much. I appreciate it. Have a good afternoon or evening and take care.

Editorial Board Lake Providence News

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Of course!
Fran Hannan

Barb Perrine
Great job Wayne!😊

Most front page worthy item we've had all year.  Thanks for what you do.
SueBonacorsi - LP News, Chair

They are an awesome bunch! Thanks to all of you for all your hard work !

Very cool.  Thanks.  I will distribute this to our membership.  It should be motivating.
Richard Condit, A Capella Texas Music Medics

Check out this feature on my friends at Nashville Music Medics, doing what they do best! FB page
Becci Miller - Chorus of the Genesee, Music Medics, New York 

Great coverage of a truly fantastic community service. This is premium prime time.
Thanks for all your work and help in getting our chapter started here in Portland!
Smiles, Glenn
Glenn Walton, Portland ME MM

We loved hearing and seeing you and the other Music Medics on Tennessee Crossroads. Great coverage! Looks like everyone was having a fun time.
Linda and Larry Baskin
Subject: Tennessee Crossroads
Hi Wayne,
Just wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed watching your group. What a wonderful way to cheer up people in the hospital. You were all great! Thank you for telling us about the program. 
Mary Ann & Paul

On Nov 20, 2023, at 11:40 AM, Matthew Percy <matthew.percy@yahoo.com> wrote:
So great to watch. Such a wonderful mission. I’m glad it was captured and shared this way. 

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For More Information, See:         https://youtu.be/MfKQBd3wWCc    Link to "The Irish Blessing"