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08/31/22 Once again, sharing the healing power of music

On August 31st The Nashville Music Medics again visited patients and families at TriStar Centennial Childrens' Hospital, Nashville, TN. On this trip we were accompanied by Lorin May, Editor of The Harmonizer magazine as he prepared for a special story about BHS Music Medics in a future publication. Conveniently, and not coincidentally, the Nashville Music Medics are the most active of the Music Medics groups in the United States and Canada.
July 20 2022 - TriStarCentennial Children & Alive Hospice, Nashville

On July 20th 2022 we returned to TriStar Centennial Children's Hospital to see our "kiddos" and then traveled to the Nashville Residential location of Alive Hospice for some patient visits.
June 8 Tri-Star Centennial Children's Hospital

Nashville Music Medics returned to Tri-Star Centennial Hospital to see our kiddos once again
04/11/220National Barbershop Quartet Day at Somerby-Franklin

In celebration of National Barbershop Quartet Day, April 11, 2022, Nashville Music Medics partnered with our own quartet, No Green Bananas, to provide programs to the residents of Somerby-Franklin
04/06/22 Nashville Music Medics

From 06 April 2022, when we finally got back into TriStar Centennial Children's Hospital, and forward as we continue with our outreach
Nashville Music Medics 2021

As the Coronavirus and variants moved along, albeit slowly, our hospitals established protocols, including influenza vaccinations, Covid-19 vaccinations, and masking but we were permitted to resume our music outreach "Changing the World One Smile At a Time".
Nashville Music Medics, the early days 2019-2020 pre-Covid

Sharing here the many wonderful experiences we have shared with patients and family members in Nashville area Children's Hospitals before the Covid-19 Coronavirus got in our way.
12/07/22 Centennial Children's and AliveHospice

Customary and regular visits to Tri-Star Centennial Children's Hospital and AliveHospice-Nashville
February-July 2023

February through July 2023 as captured by a few photos

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