BHS Music Medics Registry

       Music Medics Registry
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    Contact: Wayne Jackson and the BHS Team via email:

City: Miami, Florida                                                 
Contact Name: Ernie de la Fe
Contact Email: 
Program Name: The Miamians
BHS Chapter Name: Miami, FL
BHS District Name: SUN

City: Marietta, Georgia
Contact Name: Frank Hrach
Contact Email:                   
Program Name: N/A
BHS Chapter Name: Marietta, GA
BHS District Name: DIX

City: Wayne, Michigan                                             
Contact Name: Eddie Tabb
Contact email: 
Program name: Harmony Town Music Medics
BHS Chapter Name: Wayne Chapter
BHS District Name: PIO


City: Greensboro, North Carolina                                                 
Contact Name: Charles Terrell      
Program Name: Joyful Sounds
BHS Chapter Name: Greensboro, NC
BHS District Name: Carolinas

Asheville, North Carolina
Contact Name:
Jim Gordon

Contact Email:
Program name: Asheville Music Medics
BHS Chapter: Asheville NC
BHS District: Carolinas

City:  Cincinnati Ohio                                     
Contact Name: Bayard Pelsor                         
Contact Email:
Program Name: Southern Gateway Chorus Music Medics

BHS Chapter Name: Southern Gateway Chorus
BHS District Name: JAD


City: Nashville                                               
Contact Name
:  Wayne Jackson
Contact Email:
Program Name: Nashville Music Medics
BHS Chapter Name: Music City Chorus
BHS District Name: DIX

City: Salt Lake City, Utah
Contact Name: Bruce Winters                              
Contact Email:
Program Name: Here 4 U
BHS Chapter Name: Beehive Statesmen
BHS District Name: RMD

City: Seattle, Washington
Contact Name: Richard Gode, M.D.                     
Contact Email:

Contact Name:  Dan Meyer
Contact Email:

Program Name:  "Vocal Vintage" Music Medics Quartet
BHS Chapter Name: Northwest Sound
BHS District Name: EVG

City: Charleston, West Virginia                         
Contact Name: Ron Williams                            
Contact Email:
Program Name: Kordsmen Music Medics                        
BHS Chapter Name: Greater Kanawha Valley
BHS District Name:JAD                                        

City - Victoria BC                                                    
Contact Name - David Christmas                           
Contact Email -
Program Name -
Trounce Alley QT Music Medics
BHS Chapter Name -
South Island Harmony Chorus
BHS District - EVG                                         
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