About Nashville Music Medics

The Mission of Nashville Music Medics is a charitable outreach program which had its beginning in 2019 as a vision of a handful of members of The Music City Chorus in Nashville, TN. A few of our Nashville Music Medics singers are also members or former members of the Music City Chorus.  Our goal is to bring joy through our music to the children as well as their parents who are staying in the children's hospitals in and around Nashville. The Medics like to think our music is therapeutic, providing the best possible medicine there is - a smile and a song. The Nashville Music Medics go out to sing on a monthly basis, using a program that is designed to be an ongoing, permanent project. We are all flu vaccinated and double Covid-19 vaccinated as required by the children's hospitals where we frequent.

In June 2022 
Nashville Music Medics added AliveHospice-Nashville residential facility as an additional outreach.
If you would be interested for us to come out to sing for a child or children in a local hospital (or for patients and family who may be in a local residential Hospice facility), please contact Wayne Jackson
at BHSMusicmedics@gmail.com.

                      “Changing the World, One Smile at a Time”
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