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Welcome to the Barbershop Harmony Society Music Medics Program!

We are thrilled you are interested in hosting this program in your local community. Briefly, Music Medics is all about sending at least a quartet-size ensemble to sing exclusively at children’s hospitals in your local area on a monthly or semi-monthly basis.

This program is designed to be an ongoing, permanent project. It’s also simple to manage. Music Medics is loads of fun and incredibly rewarding for many people on many levels. First and foremost, the young patients and their parents really get a kick out of the visits. The last thing they expect is to see is a group of guys walk into their hospital room in scrubs breakout in a fun and uplifting song, while they are experiencing a very difficult and emotional time.
Also, the staff at the nurse’s station enjoys the music fun when you reach into your regular chorus repertoire to sing them a song. Finally, nothing builds camaraderie and encourages quartet singing among your community of artists better than sharing this incredibly fulfilling experience with other Music Medics participants.

The Benefits

There are quite a few benefits to starting a Music Medics program in your chapter. First and foremost is the joy the Medics bring to the “kids.” Seeing the faces of the children light up is a big deal. You’ll see tears, laughter, clapping, and even a bit of directing. Let’s not forget the benefits to the parents, the family, and even the medical staff. All of them are going through a tough time and bringing them all some love, laughter and music is an incredible gift. All of them are pretty amazed by just a couple of songs and a few “Dad” jokes.

Singing to children is so much fun -- even your chorus could benefit from the Music Medics program by attracting new members to your organization who haven’t heard barbershop music before. Some Medics who are life-time barbershop singers have said “this is the single greatest thing I’ve done in barbershop singing.”  A Music Medics program provides an outreach program for your chapter, as well as promoting a positive image of barbershop singing within the community.

What Are the Costs

The financial costs are minimal - obtaining scrubs is probably your largest expenditure, but they are really a modest investment. Appropriate music is readily available, at little or no cost. Although many Music Medics members are retired, time and commitment are important considerations as some Medics may still be working full-time. A bit of practice now and again can only improve the sound as well as the overall enjoyment to your Medics group.

An Invitation

You may indicate your interest in Music Medics program by completing the interest form https://forms.gle/GUZVLRp2E7YPxteV8 for follow-up from a team member. 
It may be the single most important thing you’ll do in barbershop! In the alternative you may contact the BHS Music Medics team at
bhsmusicmedics@gmail.com for more info or help in starting your own Music Medics program.  This BHS sponsored program is open to any one whether you’re a member or not.

                                 TIME TO GET YOUR SCRUBS ON!
If you are interested in starting a Music Medics program in your district or chapter or already have one, please let us know by filling out  this short survey. Now is the time to get going and get your scrub on to join the growing number of Music Medics in the Society!
We want to make sure that you are listed on the 
national registry for anyone interested in getting in      contact with you. We also want to provide as much support as possible,so make sure you also check out    the BHS Music Medics Guidebook. 

BHS Music Medics Guidebook may also be quite easily downloaded on this site at the following link  http://www.nashvillemusicmedics.org/dbpage.php?pg=view&dbase=uploads&id=69074. This will help answer some of your questions. And last but not least, don't forget to check out all the sheet music and songbooks on the BHS website! 

You can also contact Wayne Jackson, Nashville Music Medics, BHS rep.,with any additional questions you may have at  bhsmusicmedics@gmail.com With the number of vaccinations on the rise and the new masks and updated gathering guidelines from the CDC, some of the local children’s hospitals are starting to allow their volunteers back in for visitation. Luckily, that would apply to those who are Music Medics. 

Time  For The Smiles To Return!


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