Outsmarted by SIRI

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Posted By: Sam English
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Date Posted: Wed, Nov 1 2023

SHE’S BACK! - Music Medics Outsmarted by SIRI - Family Sing Along, Alive Hospice


As the Nashville Music Medics finished warming up for their October 25th visit to The Children’s Hospital at TriStar Centennial, who should walk into the room to take us on our “rounds,” but our old friend Kelsey Bryant, CCLS!!  How surprised we were to see her again. After many hugs, off we went on our visits. What a day she had planned for us. Busier than it has been in quite sometime, there were at least 12 visitations to the Oncology Unit, Main Ward and Pediatric ICU. Quite a few “Name Songs,” along with a few Brahms Lullabys, and even several "I’m Sittin’ on Top of the World" were sung, as these “kiddos” were on their way home that day.

As we visited those children in the Oncology Unit, we stopped to see a delightful and smiley, beautiful 16-year old young lady, whose Mother mentioned she had no voice as I spoke to her. She would use her phone to type out an answer.  Unbeknownst to me, when I asked her the answer to one of my Dad Jokes, she had turned SIRI on and SIRI gave me the answer.  What was really bad was SIRI had a rather posh English accent! Needless to say, the Medics behind me were falling all over themselves at my “being had.” All I could do was to "BOO" her loudly, complain that it wasn’t fair and turn on my heels and trudge out of the room with a rather devastated look on my face.

After goodbyes to our good friend Kelsey, who we hope to see again, we headed off to our next stop -  Alive Hospice. During one of our visits, we encountered a young lady, sitting with her Mom. She mentioned that she sings even if it was to the TV. We offered as a parting song, “The Irish Blessing.” As we started to sing a huge smile came across her face as she said, “I know that one.” We invited her to sing along with us, and we were quite impressed with her singing. That moment of joy in singing with the Medics was priceless, not only to her but to us.

Provided by Wayne Jackson for Nashville Music Medics