Nashville Music Medics and No Green Monsoons @ Monroe Carell

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Posted By: Sam English
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Date Posted: Sat, Sep 2 2023
Marty Joins No Green Bananas in the Seacrest Studio

Once again Nashville Music Medics were scheduled on the 2nd floor Performance Stage of  the Seacrest  Studio channel, with “No Green Bananas” quartet and tenor extraordinaire Marty filling in for Chuck. However, since the Performance Stage area remained a wee bit congested after a bevy of activities for the young patients and families, we moved into the Seacrest Studio broadcast area (where we were in great company of our old friends Mamie and Chief Sound Bubba, Corey.)  Supposedly that was the reasoning although Marty appeared to be quite interested in the life-sized cutout of Ryan Seacrest.
Interestingly enough Chuck has suggested this iteration of "No Green Bananas" might easily identify as "No Green Monsoons
 "     (Monsons)                                                                     



We always have laughter and smiles and song AND memorable moments when we visit.

It has now been five months since we began these regular visits, with a live broadcast and interview with Mamie in the Seacrest Studio. There was just a bit more chatter in that Studio visit back on May 12, 2023!  

One of the most precious moments from this visit was the unexpected meeting and greeting with Ayden and his sweet Mama, Toni, as we were walking back to the parking garage(Ayden is the one in the stroller!)                                       
Although No Green Bananas and Marty are all Nashville Music Medics we do not often have an opportunity to “bust a few chords” (a Barbershop singing expression) with Marty as a quartet. We stopped for a few moments on the skyway to the garage to sing a couple of songs together. The two songs may have been a bit powerful; after all, we were outside!       That is when Toni and Ayden approached us with wonderful smiles.
Hmmm?   Ayden may have been more focused on the nukkie he held tightly.  Toni had asked if we would sing something to Ayden because he had been having a bad day and, coincidentally, he loves music!  Without hesitation we knew this was the time for "The Ayden Song'.  Toni began her video as if on cue, catching some great moments with Ayden and No Green Bananas. As we parted we handed Toni our Nashville Music Medics card; she used the information on the card and within a couple of hours she had posted these adorable moments with Ayden onto our Facebook page. 

See that YouTube link below.
                                                              The Ayden Song  090123


It is indeed great to be a Nashville Music Medic, “Changing the World One Smile at a Time!”

See you in October when No Green Bananas (or some iteration of these guys)  and the Nashville Music Medics again visit the 2nd floor Performance Stage at Seacrest  Studios in Monroe Carell Jr. Children’s Hospital at Vanderbilt



By Sam English, Webmaster 
for The Nashville Music Medics