New Friends at AliveHospice

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Posted By: Sam English
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Date Posted: Tue, Aug 1 2023

Nashville Music Medics Make New Friends at Alive Hospice

The Nashville Music Medics have a way of making new friends even in the darkest times, especially when we sing for our friends at Alive Hospice.  And, we always come away feeling so uplifted from these experiences that it’s sometimes hard to put into words. 

During our recent July 26 visit, we met a wonderful lady named Bertha, who didn’t have a family member there, but nonetheless was still spreading her own unique style of joy through her beautiful art.  She had heard us earlier during our visit, and complimented us on our singing, however, we were the ones who really benefitted by our brief visit with her when she told us her story and why she was there as a volunteer.

Our first visit of the day was with a young lady named Ross. She was there with her younger brother and Mom.  Heather Bock, our Volunteer Coordinator for the day, popped her head in the door of this young lady’s room and asked if they’d like to hear some music. The most excited of all was her brother who asked “Do they have that harmonica thingy with them?” What a hoot!

Harmonica   Thingy"

Yes, we never leave home without it. Ross was so sweet. She had no idea what we did and was so surprised when we sang her the Name Song. Yes! You can sing that with only a one syllable name!

We finished up our day by meeting Carol. She was there standing vigil for a family friend, along with Joe, the patients brother, and an Alive Volunteer named Lisa with her service dog Skye.  Skye was really cool, as he knew instinctively how to work the camera

While on the subject of making new friends, we certainly made one that day when we met Volunteer Coordinator, Heather Bock. She was so warm and friendly to us. She was a joy to work with. She was quite moved by the impact we had on the residents, having not had the chance to see or hear what we do.  We suspect she’ll be following us along the way now after working with us during this last visit.


                                Bertha and her admirers                                                                                                        Heather
It’s Great to be a Nashville Music Medic