Nashville Music Medics Sing on a Very Special Day

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Posted By: Sam English
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Date Posted: Sat, Oct 22 2022



During our most recent visit to The Children’s Hospital   @TriStar Centennial on Wednesday, O
ctober 12th, the Medics   welcomed back our good friend Kelsey Bryant, CCLS, who had been out on maternity leave. We were able to provide   some lovely handmade baby blankets for many of the children. One of our musical brothers, Tony Ivey, sent us the very generous donation of these beautiful blankets made by his talented mother, Sue. Our time there was so special and certainly one to remember.

As those of you who follow us know, it’s always a highlight to visit with the children and their families. On this particular day, we sang to a rather precocious little boy, who told us how much he liked our singing, and then told us he’d had enough. We were uplifted by the sincere "Thank You"s from all the parents in the Pediatric ICU.

After completing our rounds at the hospital, we continued our day over at ALIVE Hospice. There, our newest Medic, Dick Percy, Professor of Education, Emeritus, at Vanderbilt, came face to face with Dr. Sharon Shields a colleague from their time spent on faculty, as we went to sing in her sister's room. What a happy surprise!  We rallied behind and celebrated with our brother Dick Percy, when he reunited with a faculty colleague from years gone by.

The peace and comfort we try to provide the families at ALIVE and Children’s Hospital has filled our own souls with the knowledge that we truly are on a mission of mercy and love.

Thank you all for allowing us to serve you!