Nashville Music Medics Healing Through Song

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Posted By: Sam English
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Date Posted: Mon, Aug 22 2022

Nashville Music Medics heal through Song

OK, they're not doctors and very few actually work in the medical field. But the Nashville Music Medics sure do bring a lot of healing by singing some ah-MAZING a cappella songs in hospitals and hospices. Their harmonies are spot on and the energy is incredible.

I got to tag along Wednesday as the troupe — all older professional dudes, most of them retired — slapped on their signature blue scrubs and hit Alive Hospice in Nashville.

I found this outing particularly moving, as their first patient — 78-year-old Anita Corwin of Goodlettsville — was unresponsive after having a stroke earlier in the week. The guys brought lots of joy to Anita's son, daughter and granddaughter. 

Anita's daughter, Tamie Moshier of Goodlettsville, smiled during the entire three-song performance.

"I loved every minute of it," she said. "It made me happy and not so sad being in hospice."

"I'm overwhelmed by it," her son, Greg Corwin, a mechanic from MIllersville, said with a huge smile on his face. "It lifts the spirits of those who are grieving right now."

As for his mother, "I think she absorbed some of it through her subconscious," Greg said. "I'm sure she liked it as well."

Troupe leader G. Wayne Jackson said the singers get more out of it than the patients for whom they sing.

"It’s joy, pure joy, because we know we’ve done something good, and we’re part of something special," he said.

Brad Schmitt / The Tennessean