The Nashville Guys are hosted by our new band mate, Sydney

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Posted By: Sam English
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Date Posted: Fri, May 13 2022

Nashville Music Medics Out Spreading Joy!

The Nashville Music Medics and their new band mate, Sydney Cantalupo, were out spreading joy on 11 May, singing for their “kiddos” at The Children’s Hospital at TriStar Centennial.

The smiles were plentiful as we wandered through the PICU, the Oncology Dept. and the General Ward, singing our special brand of music. We asked the question, “Do you know what makes the medicine go down?” NOPE! They didn’t know. We told them - “Just a Spoonful of Sugar” followed, of course, by singing “Spoonful”.

We even threw in a new “Dad Joke” to help keep those smiles on their faces or groans by the Staff and Medics.
“Why did the strawberry baby cry?”  “Because her Mom was in a jam!”
Grin or groan? Take your pick!

What a great day! It truly is “Great to be a Nashville Music Medic!”